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Web Development Services

Sincere concern for the development of your website

Nextzen Developers creates professional online apps for businesses and consumers
that have a high conversion and adoption rate. They do this by drawing on their experience from
over 20,000 web projects to develop, redesign, and maintain these apps throughout time.

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Which Type of Web Solution Is Needed?

Web development services ensure that web users have an excellent experience
and assist in the creation of all kinds of web-based products.

Corporate Website

Our web portals dynamically compile information from business systems and serve as a source of current knowledge and support for users.

Ecommerce Website

We use intelligent automation to optimize processes and combine business applications for cohesive functioning.

Web Apps

Even for web programs that run hundreds or even thousands of workflows, we take care to maintain an easy user experience.

Average Cost of Various Web Solutions

The functionality and scope of web solutions vary greatly, ranging
from straightforward company websites to intricate enterprise systems.

From $200

For a custom branded corporate website.

From $700

For a self-service customer web portal.

From $1000

For an ecommerce solution with custom visual interface and business logic, integrated into a corporate IT infrastructure.

From $400,000

For complex enterprise web software, e.g., a custom EHR system.

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Complete Web Creation by Nextzen Limited

Nextzen Limited adheres to a quality-first philosophy throughout all web development services,
utilizing an ISO 9001-certified quality management system.

Business analysis

Our business analysts do requirements engineering and delineate the scope of the solution by concentrating on the needs of your target audience. To ensure that everyone engaged is on the same page, they also act as a liaison between an IT team and business stakeholders.
25+ business analysts


To make sure that the business logic to be implemented is complete and viable, our solution architects will design all functional components and choose the best technologies for them. Additionally, they will map every API connection made by the web solution to external systems.
10+ years of experience

UX and UI design

Analyzing the intended user base and creating user experiences that are easy to use, fast, and seamless are the first steps in the web app design process. Along the process, our UI designers pitch in to give the interface a chic exterior.
15+ UX and UI designers

Front-end development

Any design concept may be implemented and every interface element can be made to function correctly by our front-end developers. We collaborate with all of the most popular JavaScript frameworks, including Next, Ember, Angular, React, and Meteor.
40+ front-end developers

Back-end development

On the back end, our developers precisely implement your web application's business logic. We make use of tested frameworks to guarantee quick and accurate coding.Net, PHP, Go, Node.js, Java, and Python.
200+ back-end developers


To interface your web app with internal business systems or external systems and services, we build up APIs. Data synchronization between systems is guaranteed instantly with app integration.
50+ Ready API Sourch

Testing and QA

We promise that your web solution will be secure, user-friendly, operate quickly, and operate flawlessly. We have the testing engineers on staff to deliver on such commitments.
12+ testing engineers

Help desk

We offer L1, L2, and L3 support services and provide hot-fixes in less than a day to stop or correct any problems with technology, usage, and code. We assist you in ensuring your online application has trouble-free functionality and high availability.
55+ support engineers

Solutions That Can Enhance Your Brand

Display Ads

Web Ads

Creative display ads on Fibre2Fashion’s core channels highly visited by industry leaders & major players.


Innovative videos that serve as brilliant visual ads and help grab the attention of the target audience


Fibre2Fashion Newsletter, showcasing industry happenings, innovation & announcements, reaches to over 1 lakh registered members every month

Creative ads in a monthly publication with a massive subscriber base and world-wide circulation

Mobile Site

Highly-effective ads that reach mobile-specific audience

Content Promotion

Press Releases

Promotion through company's press releases published on Fibre2Fashion's pulsating News segment to create cognizance


Marketing of new products, innovations and technological advancements through informative content

Featured Articles

Editorial content promoting product launches, business trends and growth opportunities

White Papers

Research papers & studies power-packed with technical specifications, giving in-depth insight into the product


Live streaming of fashion shows, events and knowledge meets which help capture the attention of audience and display results in real-time

Marketing & Partnering Events

Fibre2Fashion helps businesses forge meaningful partnerships and engage with textile industry leaders from around the world through a plethora of events. From conferences and product launch meets to knowledge-sharing events, Fibre2Fashion aids clients in maximizing market opportunities and ultimately driving their bottom-line results.

In-Fair Ads

Don’t have the bandwidth to participate in fairs? You can still grab the attention of your target audience and industry decision-makers through Live Ads. Enabling you to build your online visibility, these Ads can help take your business to new heights.

What kind of help do you need?

We provide our complete experience to you for any online solution,
whether it be for design, development, support, or even technical consultation.

We Ensure Success in Web Development Projects

There are numerous more aspects than technical proficiency that affect software quality and project success. The teams at ScienceSoft take each one of them seriously. Our methods for managing projects and developing software are as follows: we strive to meet deadlines, quality standards, budgets, and goals.

Our efforts in requirements engineering. Evaluation of the project's viability.
Costing Analysis
Factors influencing the price of web development. methods for estimating costs. Our procedures for cost optimization.
Management of quality
Software quality and development health KPIs. Activities for ensuring quality at every stage of the SDLC.
Security management
The extent of cybersecurity protection. Protocols for managing security during the development project.
The progression of collaboration involves planning, measuring success, and continuously improving. kinds of tactical communication.
Pricing Strategy
Unlock unparalleled value with Nextzen Software's dynamic pricing strategy, tailored to optimize your business growth.
Competitive Intelligence
Elevate efficiency, drive innovation, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape with Business Automation Intelligence.
Procurement Strategy
Empower your business with seamless automation and intelligent insights using Nextzen Software.

We are Ready, when you are!

You won't have to worry about being overburdened with work because Nextzen Accounting Suite ERP is fully integrated.
For every department, Nextzen Accounting Suite ERP provides separate but interconnected modules that
automatically gather data from both internal and external sources and consolidate it into a single database.